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Students of the 21st-century engage and learn differently than ever before. Policymakers and teachers are now challenged to makeshift into this new model and adapt their approaches and methodologies to better prepare the students for this change.  


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and collaboration skills are important both in 21st-century learning and ESL. A body of research shows that ESL learners can benefit from collaboration and technology to improve their oral and written production. 


Due to the novel coronavirus, most classrooms shifted to online teaching and teachers need support to adapt their teaching in an online platform. Through online collaboration, ESL teachers can promote both their students' development of 21st-century skills and second language learning. 


This website was created to support the knowledge and understanding of the ESL teachers who want to integrate a 21st-century approach to their teaching practices. This website will also be useful for ESL teachers as a resource to adapt their online teaching and how to improve their current one.


A 21st-century framework which is design thinking is also introduced on this website with tools to help ESL teachers when promoting a collaborative learning model.

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